Apprenticeship Program for Becoming an Equine-Guided Coach
Mentoring, training and coaching


With the horse as teacher and guide you gain presence, awareness of self and awareness of how you impact others.  Learn how to deliver horse guided sessions with intuition, professionalism, confidence and deep connection to the horse.  Create a solid business foundation for bringing this powerful tool into your practice.  Learn from the best in this program that is specifically designed to meet your needs.  

Coaching has become such an integral part of working with horses; listening, observing energy and body language, asking powerful questions and self-management are critical to working with horses to bring the most to your clients.

Who is it for?
People who are committed to becoming professional, high quality equine-guided coaches and who want to learn from seasoned leaders in the field of Equine Guided Coaching.
 Take your coaching practice to the next level by partnering with horses!
New Apprenticeships available.  
Contact me to customize a program that fits you!
Equine-Guided Professionals
Join us for 
Horse Guided Activities to Bring out Your Client's Brilliance
Perfect your facilitation skills, learn 36+ new Horse Activities and play with the horses! 
Whether you are a seasoned coach or wanting to grow your tool bag, these horse-guided activities and skills will deliver exceptional results for your clients in one-to-one sessions and in team building workshops.


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Preferred skills and qualities:

  • Strong horse skills. Additional outside training may be required for those without these skills
  • Fundamental human skills such as coaching, teaching, counseling, facilitation Additional outside training may be required for those without these skills.
  • Willingness to become self-aware and self-reflective
  • Spiritual sense of horses and openness to working with horse as a guide (not a tool)
What does the program include?
This program develops you in the three skill areas we feel necessary to become a qualified equine-guided coach:
  • Builds on your horse skills
  • Builds on your human skills, i.e., coaching and facilitation and teaches a complete coaching curriculum
  • Teaches how to bridge the horse/human interaction 
It includes the following:
This 12 month long program includes:
  • Three onsite Intensives
  • Talk coaching in between Intensives for continuity
  • Rich material from professionals who have a solid foundation in the Equine Guided coaching field.
  • A clear structure of support for your learning though out the year.

Already have a foundation in this work?

We can co-create a customized mentoring program to take your work to the next level and grow your business!  Call or email me to set up a time to talk.

What are the learning outcomes?
Human interaction skills:
Take  your solid foundation of coaching to the next level with this program.  Partnering with horses calls forth deep self-awareness, self-acceptance and being in the present moment.  Horses require true non-judgmentalism and letting go of your agenda.   
Horse skills (how to handle a strong reaction from a horse, horse safety)
  1. How to create a safety for client and yourself
  2. How to select a horse
  3. Able to lead, lunge and hold boundaries with a horse
  4. Able to quickly recognize and calm an agitated horse
Development of strong skills and experience in the area of horse/human interaction (how to coach with the horse as guide)
  1. How to introduce and teach clients about equine-guided coaching and how to ‘be’ in their session
  2. How teach horse safety
  3. How to begin a session
  4. How to watch horse behavior and signals
  5. How to observe, offer and translate the horse’s teaching for the client.  How to ask powerful questions based on what is going on with the horse.
  6. How to know when the session has reached its pinnacle.
  7. How to complete the session.
  8. How to plan, design and facilitate a group equine-guided workshop
  9. Basic facilitation skills for group workshops.
Create a Life Plan that honors your values and purpose and integrates them into your business.
  1. Create a life purpose statement
  2. Document and prioritize your values
  3. Identify 5-7 key intentions for your life for the next year.
  4. Identify specific goals for each intention and action steps for the next 3 months.
  5. Create a quarterly accountability structure for updating your Life Plan.
Launch an equine-guided business 
  • Learn how to create a practice including a business plan, marketing plan and more.  
  • Write a business plan including a marketing plan.
  • Do initial design of marketing materials
  • Create a list of steps for what you need to do to launch your business.  
  • Launch your business at the end of the Apprenticeship.
  • Create a community of other equine-guided practitioners


In the Wisdom Horse customized Apprenticeship program I created the support I needed to develop practical and spiritual horse sense, participated in real-time corporate and personal coaching sessions and developed a skill set that has served me in creating life changing workshops and rich one-on-one client work.  Ann and Lynn are excellent coaches and horsewomen whose commitment and expertise in this work is making a huge difference in the world. Thank you, both!"

- Monique Morimoto Flaherty - 2010 Graduate,  Soulworks Coaching



Thank you both for the opportunity that you shared with me in becoming an Equine Guided Educator.   This experience has brought me a wealth of knowledge, information and skills that I did not have a year ago.  My life has been enriched in many ways through both of you and especially the horses!

Michael Palosaari -  2011 Graduate


When you can start and cost

This 12 month program begins when you are ready to begin and tyically consists of  three phases of four months each.  The cost is $6000. 
Call 612-749-0956 to discuss your needs and how my program can work for you.

Other Good Things to Know

  • My apprentices come from all over. To accommodate those who must travel from other states or other parts of the world, we include one or two intensives during each of their apprenticeship phases. In this way, they can combine their assisting agreement with two or three sessions of equine-guided coaching while they are here and make the most of their travels.



Ann Kerr Romberg - MS, CPCC, EGE
Carrot Coach

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