Ann Kerr Romberg -  Leadership Coach, EGE Mentor, Animal Healer

Ann Kerr Romberg (former co-owner of Wisdom Horse Coaching).  

My vision is everyone BEING their best selves as they DO all they do in the world.  

We can't be our best selves if we aren't fully conscious of our thoughts, emotions, body sensations and the spirit that moves within us.  I bring the voice of the animals to the world so that humans step into full consciousness.  This consciousness empowers all dimensions of humanness; physical, mental, emotional and spiritual and generates deep self-awareness, self-acceptance and acceptance of others.


Just released:

Horse Guided Activities for Leadership Development

A handbook for equine-guided leadership coaches for developing the Four Roles of the Masterful Leader in their clients. 

By Ann Kerr Romberg

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I would love to help you be your best self!

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Whether you are a leader in a company or in your life, whether you are a professional wanting to partner with horses in your work or whether you have a loving pet, I provide customized leadership development, customized mentoring for EGE practitioners and energy healing for pets. 


Leadership Coaching:

 Effective leadership today requires a more collaborative and non-predatory style AND self-awareness, emotional intelligence and leadership presence. 


Planning Workshop:

Be your Best Self as you do what you do.  Starts January of each year.

2015 Practical Planning for Being AND Accomplishing


Team Building workshops:

Does your team need to come together around a project, learn to work together better, develop their own leadership?    I provide customized horse-guided workshops that address your team’s specific needs.  















How to partner with horses:

Learn how to deliver horse guided sessions with intuition, professionalism, confidence and deep connection to the horse.  


Custom designed by YOU.  

Self-paced to fit your schedule.

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Resources for Horse Guided Practitioners

Looking for horse activities to use with clients?

You've come to the right place.

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I was a featured speaker on the Healing with Horse Tele-summit 

Happy Healthy Pets:

Just like us, our pets get out of balance energetically. Keep your pet healthy and happy! 




























Ann Kerr Romberg - MS, CPCC, EGE
Carrot Coach

Based in the Twin Cities, MN area

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