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Ann Kerr Romberg – CPCC, MS, EGE
Leadership Coach - Equine-Guided Education Specialist
My vision is everyone BEING their best selves as they DO all they do in the world.  
We can't be our best selves if we aren't fully conscious of our thoughts, emotions, body sensations and the spirit that moves within us.  I bring the voice of the animals to the world so that humans step into full consciousness.  This consciousness empowers all dimensions of humanness; physical, mental, emotional and spiritual and generates deep self-awareness, self-acceptance and acceptance of others.
My passion is to be a voice for the wisdom that animals so willingly bring us.  There is so much for us to learn from their innate sense of us and the world.  From partnering with horses to coach leaders, to mentoring others to do the same, to offering energy healing to pets, humans benefit from their wisdom. I marry my gifts and talents to be the voice for animals so that the world is a more loving and peaceful place. 
My coaching specialty is taking leaders in corporations and in life to the next level.   Twenty-five years in Fortune 500 companies as a first line, middle and corporate officer showed me the gap that is here for managers and how much more effective they could be with the support of a leadership coach. It’s even tougher now, with fewer staff, less money and less support from the organization.  I am deeply passionate about helping leaders be extraordinarily successful!
Mentoring has always been easy and fun for me so creating an apprentice program to teach and mentor others to partner with horses to coach others is a natural fit.  
I have loved animals my whole life and have always had a dog or cat or horse.  They seek my healing hands and give me deep satisfaction when they respond to my energy healing.
What a fascinating life to be an leadership coach for people and to be an energy healer for animals!  
My professional experience includes work in all levels of IT management from first line to executive in Fortune 500 companies, small business owner, and teacher.  I am a Certified Professional Co-Active Coach from Coaches Training Institute and a member of International Coach Federation (ICF) and ICFMN. I am a certified Equine-Guided Educator,  have done extensive training in Equine-Guided Coaching, presented at national conferences and worked internationally. My degrees include a BA in Math and Psychology and an MS in Computer Science and qualification as a Myers-Briggs Personality Type practitioner.
My greatest teachers are the many cats, dogs and  horses I work with:  Sky, my chestnut Morgan taught me patience, leadership and love; Yani, a sensitive quarterhorse, showed me in no uncertain terms my commitment to partnering with horses and Mr. Bing, my daughter's cat, taught me the power of my healing hands.



Ann Kerr Romberg - MS, CPCC, EGE
Carrot Coach

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