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Horse Guided Activities for TEAM Development - NEW!

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Horse Guided Activities for Team Development - 

A handbook of horse activities for intelligent  TEAMS

This book is designed for the fully trained equine-guided coach and facilitator who wishes to expand their tool box of horse-guided team building activities.  It offers team development activities for each of four skill areas (Relationship and Trust, Clear Intention and Vision, Accountability and Boundaries, and Communication) that a team must have to be successful.  These activities offer the equine-guided facilitator and coach solutions to the most prevalent challenges that people face in their teams.

These are activities I have used quite successfully with teams to develop Emotional and Social Intelligence in each team member and in the team itself.  Seven new activities with full step-by-step descriptions of how to facilitate the activity,  plus 14 activities from other sources describing the purpose, optimal number of participants and what the activity is designed for participants will take away.  The full step-by-step description of these 14 activities are described in other e-books available on my website.  So YOU pick the activities you want and order the book you need saving you time and money.



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