Leadership Coaching
Finding and being your authentic self!
Do want to make a contribution, work with people you enjoy and have a balanced life?
Do you run into resistance from bosses when you try to do this?
I am looking for conscious, self-aware leaders who want be confident and accepted for who they really are 
You get to know yourself fully then confidently bring your unique style to the workplace and get seen and rewarded for it.  
I am a leadership professional who isn’t your boss or your peer;
a professional committed to your success.  

 I am grateful I had the privilege to coach with Ann and the horses.  We worked on a variety of skills that helped me quickly and confidently grow to my next level of leadership.  My increased self-awareness and communication skills have allowed me to be more effective and help positively impact individuals on my team as well as the culture at work.  

Julie Jacky, Vice President, Rockwood Capital Management


What differentiates me from other leadership coaches?

  • Leading-edge technology (horses) to develop your understanding of energy and how your energy affects others and other's energy affects you.  
  • Talk coaching on the phone if you prefer
  • Self-awareness and leadership expertise from years of experience
  • Non-judgmental listening (not your boss, not your peers)
  • Regular structure and access to me, your coach 
The tools I provide are found with only a few coaches in the Twin Cities.  Equine (Horse) Guided Coaching provides the accelerated behavioral change and quick solutions which you apply immediately to your work. AND you won’t forget what you learned, as frequently happens when you attend traditional workshop or class.

  Coaching with the horses and Ann gets me to solutions exponentially faster than any other process. 

Paula Schlofeldt, Vice President, Strategic Projects, Travelers Companies

Contact me today for a free consultation. 
I would be honored to work with you!
If we both feel comfortable moving forward: 
  • We will create written goals and an approach that fits your needs and schedule.  (no charge until you sign the proposal from me).
  • Start with a 2 hour coaching session to build  strong foundation of your values, strengths and challenges.  
  • Then we coach one to two times per month.  
  • Coaching can include include any mix of phone coaching or time with the horses. No horse experience necessary.
  • Pricing ranges from $150-500 per month depending on frequency and approach.  This is a very small amount to invest in yourself for the rewards you will reap.  And many organizations pay for leadership coaches these days.
Our sessions are completely confidential. 
Contact me today for a free consultation and proposal 
You provide me with four key things:
1. A time out structure, a scheduled time to look at my life from a different perspective
2. Knowledge, insight, perspective
3. Champion,  cheerleader, accompanying me on the journey
4. Point out the obvious or not so obvious in what I am saying, doing and being
Dave Schafer- Corporate Manager who survived and thrived 12 major reorganizations



Ann Kerr Romberg - MS, CPCC, EGE
Carrot Coach

Based in the Twin Cities, MN area


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