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Grow your EQ, SQ and Leadership Presence

I am looking for conscious, self-aware leaders who want to take their Emotional Intelligence, Social Intelligence and Leadership Presence to the next level.


Corporate leaders (whether mid-level or into the executive ranks) face incredible stress which require leading in new ways that help people quickly adapt to change and produce results faster.  

Developing Emotional and Social Intelligence (EQ and SQ) is essential.

Learning these skills in the classroom can produce some improvement.

Learning these skills with horses produces fast, permanent change.  

I am grateful I had the privilege to coach with Ann and the horses.  We worked on a variety of skills that helped me quickly and confidently grow to my next level of leadership.  My increased self-awareness and communication skills have allowed me to be more effective and help positively impact individuals on my team as well as the culture at work.  - Julie Jacky, Vice President, Rockwood Capital Management 


What does it take to develop these skills?  They require a leadership coach who is experienced in these areas,  who understands the corporate enviroment, and whom you trust will provide you a structure of support to practice and grow these new skills.   Leadership coaching is the most effective, leading edge training you can invest in.
Finding a leadership coach who brings all of the above AND leading-edge technology in the area of leadership training is will take you farther, faster than any other method.  

I am a specialist in bringing the technology of learning with horses to coach leaders to success.

Working with the horses will reveal blind spots and build new EQ and SQ skills quickly. Whether you can't get people to do what you want, are unsure what action to take, struggling with that negative internal voice or need to work on a project you never get to, you can count on the horses and Ann to listen and teach you.

I am deeply committed to helping people grow their self-awareness, leadership presence and emotional intelligence. With twenty-five years in the corporate world working in everything from first line management to corporate officer, I am a professional that knows the ropes.  And with over 15 years of leadership coaching experience and 10 years of horse-guided coaching experience, I bring a powerful blend of approaches to take you to that next level of leadership.
Effective leadership today requires strong 
 self-awareness, emotional intelligence (EQ) and leadership presence. 
Successful managers need  a strong sense of how they are coming across to others.   The tools I use help you fully integrate key components for taking your leadership to the next level, including leadership presence, emotional and social intelligence skills, understanding the energy (body language, congruence of though, emotion and body and more) you send out to others and the energy coming back.   Horses provide unbiased, non-judgmental feedback and non-predatory leadership skill practice to take your leadership quickly to the next level. 
Working with the horses and me, you will enhance your communication skills, organizational skills and self-confidence.  Whether you are unsure what action to take, struggling with that negative internal voice or need to work on a project you never get to, you can count on me to  listen deeply and compassionately, bring forth your gifts, your skills, the ways that work for YOU and champion you as you move forward.  
I am a professional who isn’t your boss or your peer; a professional who will keep your information completely confidential
You provide me with four key things:
1.    A time out structure, a scheduled time to look at my life from a different perspective
2.      Knowledge, insight, perspective
3.       Champion,  cheerleader, accompanying me on the journey
4.       Point out the obvious or not so obvious in what I am saying, doing and being
Dave Schafer
Corporate Manager who survived and thrived
through 12 major reorganizations

What differentiates me from other leadership coaches?

 I provide :
  • Leading-edge technology (horses) to solve your problems exponentially faster
  • Self-awareness and leadership expertise through years of experience
  • Non-judgmental listening (not your boss, not your peers)
  • Regular structure to stay on track
  • Leading-edge technology (horses) to develop strong EQ, SQ and  leadership presence
The tools I provide are found with only a few coaches in the Twin Cities.  Equine (Horse) Guided Coaching   provides the accelerated behavioral change and quick solutions which you apply immediately to your work. AND you won’t forget what you learned, as frequently happens when you attend traditional workshop or class. 
 “Coaching with the horses and Ann gets me to solutions exponentially faster than any other process.”   Paula Schlofeldt, Vice President, Strategic Projects, Travelers Companies
I would be honored to work with you!
Contact me today for a free consultation. 
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Individual Leadership Coaching Programs:
Four, eight and twelve month programs create sustainable change and keep you on track. Once we define your goals for the coaching, a month of coaching consists of one horse session and 2 follow-up phone calls.  If you prefer 'talk' coaching only, you will gain enormous benefits too.
As you need it coaching – when problems come up and you need a quick solution. After we have worked together for at least 4 months, a retainer program is available for ad-hoc coaching. 
Coaching is the most effective, leading edge training you can invest in. 
I am better -- more buoyant, more self-confident -- every time I meet with you.                                                  - Suzanne Foust- Kindred Consulting Services
Our presentation went very well from having our notes prepared by the 3 of us. They were impressed to see that we started out with the show stoppers first. You made us look really great thanks.
- JoAnn and Paul Evans, Networks, Inc
*Corporate and individual-pay rates available.
Contact me for a free consultation on how these programs can take your leadership to the next level.
80;">Does your team need to come together around a project, learn to
Team Building & Leadership Workshops with Horses: 
  I provide customized workshops that address your team’s specific needs.  
The team is really coming together and working much more naturally.  This workshop was one of the best in my career Sr. V.P. Catholic Health Initiatives
With the horses I learned how to gain the respect and attention of a horse who represented a challenging person at work.    Since then, I realized, consciously but mostly unconsciously, I was using those same practices in leading my team. The practices had become a part of me in a very short time.   My team is remaining focused on the goals and objectives and, as a result, more is getting done, with high energy and quality.
 – Paula Schlofeldt, Vice President Strategic Projects – Travelers Insurance


Contact me for a free consultation on how these programs can take your leaders and team to the next level.



Ann Kerr Romberg - MS, CPCC, EGE
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