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With the horses I learned how to gain the respect and attention of a horse who represented a challenging person at work.    Since then, I realized, consciously but mostly unconsciously, I was using those same practices in leading my team. The practices had become a part of me in a very short time.   My team is remaining focused on the goals and objectives and, as a result, more is getting done, with high energy and quality.
 – Paula Schlofeldt, Vice President Strategic Projects – Travelers Insurance


Scheduled workshops for anyone in 2017

Rekindle your native ability to read non-verbal signals in dogs, horses and people:  What is my horse telling me?  Listening to Non-verbal communication in animals & people 

Three-part 7.5 hour workshop. $150.

June and July (Watch this space for specific dates and registration info)
Klein Farm Inver Grove Heights


Workshops for teams and groups (available on request)

Contact me to schedule the workshop you want on the day and time you want.  

  • Custom Workshop for teams with specific needs: Do you have team larger than 10 people?  Have specific issues you want to address?  Or want to do your workshop is a 'weather free' indoor facility?   Contact me for a customized workshop proposal and pricing.

Short workshops for teams of 4-10 people held in an outdoor arena 20 miles southeast of downtown Minneapolis:

  • Create connection as a foundation for trust:  The purpose of this workshop is to increase followership by building skills to maintain strong relationships.  You will come away with increased self and other awareness, increased ability to listen, observe and empathize, increase ability to build and maintain trust and an understanding of the energy you put out and how to turn the volume of that energy up and down. 2.5 hours, $1000, Klein Farm outdoor arena Inver Grove Heights 
  • Regain Trust when it is lost:  The purpose of this workshop is to increase your ability to build and maintain trust. You will learn the trust model, key behaviors that build trust and what to do to rebuild trust if it is broken. 2.5 hours, $1000, Klein Farm outdoor arena Inver Grove Heights
  • Lead with Vision and Awareness of Followers:The purpose of this workshop is to develop greater self-awareness and awareness of one’s impact on followers while leading. You will learn how to lead powerfully toward a vision while staying connected with followers. 2.5 hours, $1000, Klein Farm outdoor arena Inver Grove Heights
  • Difficult conversations made easy: The purpose of this workshop is to grow the ability to enter into and conduct a difficult conversation or deliver a difficult message. You will learn two approaches to difficult conversations and practice delivering a conversation with the horse providing non-judgmental feedback. 2.5 hours, $1000, Klein Farm outdoor arena Inver Grove Heights
  • Create Accountability and Respect: The purpose of this workshop is to create clear accountability and establish boundaries with someone who challenges their leadership.  You will learn what your boundaries are, how they relate to accountability and how to reestablish a boundary that has been crossed. 2.5 hours, $1000, Klein Farm outdoor arena Inver Grove Heights



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